I guide individuals and companies toward actions that inspire success, innovation, and deep change. 

Working as a Physician’s Assistant (PA) in emergency rooms during my early career years sparked an ongoing curiosity about what healthcare could learn from other industries. 

Subsequent roles in technology, design thinking, and innovation management gave me opportunities to innovate and explore, while collaborating with corporations’ leadership teams and their employees in the US, Asia, and EU. 

Through the years, I have developed a thorough understanding of many cultures, diverse populations and styles of thinking, as well as multi-faceted experience in technology, healthcare, and executive leadership. 

The body of my expertise lies in innovation, design thinking, leadership and creative business solutions. 

 Sean Carney, MBA

Sean Carney, MBA

I currently work with executives, solo and corporate entrepreneurs, and professionals of all levels, coaching and speaking on topics of innovation, leadership and design thinking, to address change management, implementation and training. 

I have an innovator’s heart and an entrepreneurial mindset; I believe that the infinite pursuit of the idea is our greatest commonality. I am driven by what’s possible, and passionate about working with individuals and organizations who feel the same way.

When I am not helping people or organizations reinvent their futures, I live to be in the outdoors; especially back in Vermont, where everything tastes like maple and I can think-walk through wide expanses of autumn-colored foliage.

From the initial consult phone call to the first session, Sean has been clear and concise on his method on helping you figuring out your purpose.
— Tara S.