What Does Your Social Media Say About Your Personal Brand?

As the line between our personal and professional lives continues to blur, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep a firewall between the two, and therefore more likely that at some point something you said or posted will come back to haunt you.

We are more connected, more prone to oversharing, and more indignant than ever.  This is not only a recipe for a digital disaster, the risk exponentially increases the more active one is with social media.

Out an abundance of caution, I do often suggest, with the exception of work specific LinkedIn posts and shares, that clients lay off the social media while they are in job hunt mode as it only takes one ill-conceived post to sabotage a potential opportunity.

Part of your personal branding is managing your online presence and posting in a way that supports your brand, and avoiding posts that conflict with it.  Think before you post. Is what you are about to share building your brand, or potentially harming it? With a simple click of a button, you can do major damage to your brand in ways that you could have never done in the past.

70% of potential employers are searching for you on Google and your social media posts.

So let me make this as simple as I can.  If you have rants, pictures, posts that you wouldn’t want your mother to see you best remove them from your digital footprint.  Clean up your act on this front.

Then start aligning your digital footprint with your personal brand and use social media to enhance your brand.  Avoid controversial topics and start engaging in topics and activities that interest you by posting comments about things others have written that demonstrate how you think.  Also post photos, links, even your own blog posts that represent who you are, how you think, and demonstrate your brand.

I promise you that potential employers are using your social media inputs to access your behavior, cultural fit, and how you think.   

Why not use this to your advantage and a way stand out from the competition?