Is it Okay To Search Your Interviewer's LinkedIn Profile?

Frequently my clients are afraid of looking up their interviewer for their upcoming interview. They are worried about how it will appear if the interviewer finds out they were reviewing their LinkedIn profile.

Not only is it perfectly acceptable to gather your intelligence on interviewers by reviewing their LinkedIn profiles and doing a Google search, I would submit to you that some interviewers might think your not doing your digital research is an indicator that you aren’t that interested in the interview itself.

If you are truly concerned and for some reason don’t agree with my recommendation, here are the steps to review LinkedIn profiles anonymously.

How To Go Incognito In Your LinkedIn Snooping

  1. In the LinkedIn, header click on “me” below your profile picture

  2. Select “Settings and Privacy”

  3. Select “privacy”

  4. Find the “How others see your LinkedIn activity” section

  5. In this section find the “profile viewing section” and select change

  6. Change your status to “private mode: which means when you search all anyone will see is “anonymous LinkedIn member”

  7. Now you are incognito and when you search profiles no one will see you

So, yes, it is completely acceptable to look at your interviewer’s Linkedin profile and do a Google search, and if they see that you searched, it will only be a positive for you.