Personal Strategic Planning

Do You Have A Personal Strategic Plan?

A personal strategic plan is a framework you set for the nature and direction of your life and work. No different than a corporation, a personal strategic plan guides you as to who you are and what you want to be moving forward.

Creating a personal strategic plan keeps you focused and on track, goal orientated, and gives you something to measure progress against as you go through life.

By taking the time to put your plan together, discovering and developing your personal and professional skills, you can make the best of yourself available in everything you do.

The way that you develop your plan, and the underlying skills and abilities you identified, will directly impact your earning ability, and the life you lead

Without a plan to include innovation into your personal and professional growth strategy you risk irrelevancy on multiple fronts.  The purpose of personal innovation coaching is to minimize this risk and help you take your ideas for your life and your work and not only turn them into a reality, but sustain them over time. 

  • Coaching provides focused time to learn to manage your work-life balance

  • Practice new innovation skills and develop new methods to sustain your changes

  • Build capacity for dynamic leadership

  • Accelerates progress on professional or personal growth opportunities

  • Learn to manage your work and personal life with an innovation portfolio approach

  • Increase your creativity, productivity, and efficiency

  • Increase your effectiveness at work or at home

Personal innovation is about doing something new, making useful changes to your life or work and incorporating them into a personalized innovation portfolio.   It is making improvements to some of the things you have in place currently, but also looking for ways to disrupt your world at the same time to innovate your personal and professional growth.   But most importantly it is about making a plan to keep innovating and making yourself perpetually better at what you do.

I can help you innovate your world, by addressing your challenges and opportunities, and developing new management skills, and a system to sustain your changes.