A 10 Step Morning Ritual to Maximize Your Executive Mindset

It is difficult to control much of the your experience while business traveling and it is easy to quickly become uncentered and this impacts our ability to innovate.

Providing clients the best, creative solutions requires focus and energy. I find one of the best ways prep one's mind for innovation is to create your own morning ritual. 

The time before your day begins at the client site is likely the only part of the day you will get to have complete ownership over. So starting your day with a morning ritual will get your mind, body, and spirit primed for creativity and innovations.

When and how you do your own morning ritual is completely up to you. But whatever you do, do it consistently, and be present for the whole experience, it is your ritual after all.

Here is a suggested ritual, innovate at will on it.


1. Wake up at least two hours before you need to. Three if you can. The more time you gift yourself in the morning the better your day will be. Eliminate watching TV or internet surfing at night and head to bed earlier if you don't think you can find the time.

2. Resist the urge to check email, social media, news, etc. on your phone and focus on your ritual. Succumb to the urge and your head will already be in the upcoming day and not prepping your innovation mindset. If it was that critical someone would have called. 

3. Embrace the cold. Get in a cold shower for 60 seconds. This may take some getting used to but pays amazing dividends to your mind and body. Polar bears do it, why shouldn't you? So immediately get out of bed and get in that shower before doing anything else.

4. Start coloring to practice mindfulness. Get a coloring book like Modern Meditation: Coloring For Focus and Creativity, listen to some alpha wave music and color for at least 15 minutes. Note, before you start put your phone in airplane mode so you aren't distracted by alerts set in your phone.

5. Meditate. After you have finished coloring follow it up with a little meditation. If you are in need of guided meditation try the app called Calm

6. Expand your mind through brain bite size philosophy. Find something that you can read in its entirety during your ritual. If you don't know where to start try either The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living. 

Or if you prefer something a little more 21st century the new Tools of the Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World Class Performers is a great way to expand your mind as well.

7. Write in a journal. Reflect and get a few thoughts down on paper. They don't have to be life changing, just use it as a chance to get some of the chaos out of your head and clear the path for the day's new thinking.

8. Express gratitude. While not always easy to do, this simple act of writing down what you are most grateful for is the fastest path to mental well being. And like most things simplest is usually best.

9. Define and decide on the one thing you want to accomplish today, for your work, and for yourself. Make it realistic and doable in a day, and commit to getting it done.

10. Exercise. Whatever your current fitness level, do something. If you are time constrained try the app 7 min work out or something similar. If you have more time, be in nature if you can and exercise outside.

By doing this morning ritual you have at least owned some of the day, and prepared your mind and body for creativity and innovation

What are some of your morning ritual activities?