6 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Last week I wrote about why emotional intelligence is important in healthcare.   This week we will review a few quick ways to instantly increase your EQ mojo.

Studies have consistently shown that if you want to raise your EQ, you can absolutely work to improve it.  Many of my clients in the healthcare industry want to improve their EQ because they recognize that as leaders, they must create a collaborative culture.  Here are 6 tips that often help:

1.  Lay off the caffeine.  Trying to managing the chaos while “unleashing your beast” with a Monster can in your hand is just asking for trouble.  So do yourself and others a solid and dial back the caffeine to see your patience levels rise.

2.  Be aware that there are more people in this world than you.  You are sharing this great big spinning world, not driving it!  Leave that to the magnetic poles.

3.  Not every situation warrants your opinion, be selective in your input.   Of those decisions that need you, as a rule - put some time and distance between the inquiry and your decision.   I get it, sometimes in healthcare things actually do need to happen “stat”.  But sometimes people screw things up in the process. 

4.  Understand it’s not all about you.  You work in a world of a lot of emotions, and a lot of bad days.  Try not to add to them, or the corporate negativity.  Go beyond your newfound self awareness and recognize that you are part of a larger group trying to get it all done.   Align with them, and be part of the team.

5.  Don’t be a jerk.  Throwing surgical instruments and temper tantrums not only makes you look like a jerk, it confirms it.  So knock it off and you will gain huge EQ points.

6.  Be a people magnet for no other purpose than to be kind and helpful.  No agenda.   Be a resource of knowledge, an ear to listen, spend the time, get to know people’s names.  If you can be an authentic leader, your people will help you when you need it most.

Still can’t find your EQ mojo?  Then fake it until you make it.  The people around you will at least give you EQ points for trying.  Better yet, maybe you will “fake it” long enough so that some of it starts to become your real behavior.